There are a lot of things that Avilea doesn’t like about space travel. She still hasn’t quite adjusted to the nausea caused by the artificial gravity or the lack of regular sunrises. But there is one perk that makes all of the irregularity worth it: the location of her infirmary. Located towards the rear of the ship, the sick bay features a 180-degree view of space. Being able to work with the entire universe as her view really makes the whole thing a lot easier. Often times she can be found with her forehead pressed up against the deeply-reinforced glass, warm breath creating condensation, as she waits for the sun to make its way back into the ship’s orbit. The Lithana is stocked with enough meat to support the Chlorisians who might not get sun exposure every day but nothing compares to feeling the warmth of the energy on her skin.

Doctor Tandas finds herself alone in the infirmary, her staff on break or on leave, thankful for some silence in the sterilized room. Sometimes she feels like it’s impossible to get away from anyone on a ship like this. While it had seemed so infinitely vast when she first arrived, the walls now almost feel claustrophobic and there are times where she misses the life of a medic.

She’s taken out of her thoughts by the door to the infirmary sliding open. The familiar sound immediately sends her senses into overdrive as she starts to run through her mental routine. After a moment or so she realizes it isn’t an emergency and in fact only one crew member has come in at all. A bright smile tugs at Avi’s lips for a split second when she recognizes Demia but the smile twists into a frown when she sees the limp in the marine’s walk. “Demia,” she practically hisses, rushing around the equipment to reach her. “What happened? Haven’t you been on the ship all day?” Already she’s thinking of a million reasons for her injury and none of them are great. “Sit, sit.

Turning her back to the other woman, Avilea begins to gather her supplies for the examination. She also takes this time to try and gather her thoughts by counting her breaths and generally trying to calm herself down from the adrenaline spike.